Plastics Calendering Line

Plastics Calendering Line

It’s applied for equipping with other machines to produce plastics calendering product, PVC film, PVC sheet, biaxial drawing film, leatherette, etc.


Product Features

  • The electrical controlling system is composed of transmission controlling system, auxiliary controlling system, hydraulic controlling system, etc. CPCS is composed of one set of imported PLC, HMI, etc., communicate with FVC and remote I/O via Fieldbus, logistical, advanced and respond fast.
  • Tension is treated loop-closed by tension bearing sensor connecting with PLC, to keep high precise control and low stretching force to meet requirements of process.

Main Technical Parameters

Roller Arrangement:r / l
Roller Form:equal diameter roller、different diameter roller
Quantity of Rollers:2-5
Roller Diameter(mm):Φ450-Φ800
Roller Length(mm):1300-3000