Rubber Inner Liner Extruding Calendering Line

Rubber Inner Liner Extruding Calendering Line

For continuously producing dual-layer thermo-laminating inner layer, dual-layer or three-layer cold-laminating inner layer and single-layer rubber sheet, for radial tyre, bias tyre building machine or multi-knife slitting machine.

Composed of one pin cold feeding extruder withφ200 , one two roll calendaring machine with φ400X1300 and other auxiliaries.

Product Features

  • The electrical controlling system is composed of PLC, IPC, FVC and sensors, takes use of sensors in each section to feedback for free tension closed-loop control.
  • It’s easier and more visible to take IPC for monitoring and controlling the whole line, when malfunction occurs, malfunction message will popup automatically on touching screen and notify operators or maintenance workers to check.
  • For controlling system , to make it more logistic and easier to operate and maintenance, and be accordance with development in electrical automation region, it takes advantage of Fieldbus for digital and Remote Monitoring for complicated process and logistics control.
  • Fieldbus is one of most popular networks, flexible and reliable, its CPU calculates fast with high precision and automation, easy and convenient to operate.

Main Technical Parameters

Size of pin cold feeding extruder:Φ200
ratio of pin cold feeding extruder:16:1
Productivity of pin cold feeding extruder(kg/h):2800
Max.width of extruding parts(mm):1100
Max.depth of extruding parts(mm):0.4~6.0
Type of two roll calendaring machine:Two - roll Vertical Installation
Dimension of calendar roller:Φ400X1300
Max. width of rubber sheet(mm):950
Depth scope of rubber sheet(mm):0.5~5.0
Mechanical speed of rubber sheet(m/min):3~30