Tyre Tread and Sidewall Co-extrusion Line

Tyre Tread and Sidewall Co-extrusion Line

For extruding and shrinkage after, exhaust line pressure, breaker cushion rubberizing, cooling, set-length cutting and weighing of tyre tread and sidewall for TBRTYRE and PCR.

Main unit is composed of two heat feeding extruders and one pin cold feeding extruder.

Product Features

  • The controlling system is composed of PLC, touching screen, etc., exchanges data with remote I/O, FVC, etc. in high speed, controls and interlocks all equipments and devices related, communicates data when co-movement, controls speed, running status of prescription, monitoring status and multifunction display via HMI.

Main Technical Parameters

Quantity of heat feeding extruder:2
Size of heat feeding extruder:φ200
Screw L/D ratio of heat feeding extruder:5:1
Productivity of heat feeding extruder(kg/h):2900
Quantity of pin cold feeding extruder:1
Size of pin cold feeding extruder:Φ120
Screw L/D ratio of pin cold feeding extruder:16:1
Productivity of pin cold feeding extruder(kg/h):690
Type of hydraulic complex extruder head:Triplex
Max.width of extruding parts(mm):500
Max.thickness of extruding parts(mm):40