Large Conveyer Belt Press Line

Large Conveyer Belt Press Line

The line is applied for dewinding, tensioning, molding, filling, vulcanizing, cooling, cutting, winding of steel core and dewinding, cloth winding, filling and molding, vulcanizing, stretching and molding, cooling, cutting and winding of fabricant blet, with function of double-belt vulcanizing.

Width of pressure plate: 1600mm~3300mm

Length of pressure plate: 10000mm~18000mm

Product Features

  • Imported PLC and HMI Surface are adopted in controlling system, composing of CPCS of the whole line, by which the running status of equipment is displayed instantly.
  • To achieve single-movement and co-movement of the line, meet demands of producing modes of steel belt and fabricant belt, enables a safety, stable and reliable status of running.