Steel Cord Calender Line

Steel Cord Calender Line

For rubberizing two-side of steed cord


Product Features

  • The L/D ratio of roller is small, which keeps low deformation in the same strength of pressure.
  • The roller surface and shaft journal are clamped and grinded on high precise CNC grinder, which enable roller with micron geometric tolerance.
  • The calender frame is casted with nodular cast iron, of high rigid and shock absorption.
  • The left/ right frame is processed and molding for once on CNC boring lathe, which ensures both frame the consistence of dimension.
  • Double row tapered roller bearings of high precise are used to support the calender roll, which possess higher precise of rotation by contrast with self-aligning roller bearing.
  • By adopting double row tapered roller bearing on roll, bearing is changed easily, and no need to regrind the inner ring after change bearing, by contrast with cylinder roller bearing of separated inner-outer ring structure.
  • Pre-loading systems are amounted at Roll#1,#2,#3, which keeps machine stable and the product with high precision.
  • Comb roller and press roller are made from nitriding steel of good quality. For different tunnel density, different nitriding methods are adopted, by gas nitriding or tufftriding, considering high wear resistance and impact strength of rollers.
  • Hardened gears are adopted for all gears inside gearbox. All the surfaces of gears are machined by grinder ( made by Niles Germany) and of high precision. Rolls are kept in steady speed when rotating.
  • Encoder of high precision is adopted for detecting motor speed of roll. Speed closed-loop control system keeps roll hard mechanical property while enlarging load.
  • Fixed conveying belt from two roll mill to wig-wag feeding device is supplied by DXS, which will shorten customer design& purchase period for auxiliary equipment.

Main Technical Parameters

Roll quantity( piece):4
Roll arrangement type:S
Type of roll structure:Drilled Roll
Working diameter of roll(mm):φ550mm
Working length of roll(mm):1300mm
Working linear speed of roll(m/min):4~40
Speed ratio of rolls:0.5~1(adjustable)
Max.width of product(mm):1000
Min.thickness of sheet(mm):0.2
Axial cross at:Roll 1#,4#
Pre-bending at:Roll 1#,3#,4#
Pre-loading at:Roll 2#