Rubber Roller-head Twin Screw Extruder

Rubber Twin Screw Sheeter

Function as downstream equipment of internal mixer to realize consecutive extrusion and sheeting of rubber compound.

Subsidiary equipment for mixer of 160L to 650L

Product Features

  • Full range of anti - wear hardening treatment, cooling, and safety protection.
  • The transformation from intermittent mixing to consecutive mixing is of benefit to continuous production and automatic control.
  • Mass evenness is available by screws’ function over all the raw materials.
  • The whole system is sealed type with fewer dusts and favorable to environmental protection.
  • Good safety performance without operation of two roll mills,Materials are compressed within extruder, and sheeted by roller-head. Few air bubbles, or blisters in rubber compound.Sound self-cleaning is of benefit to change rubber.Stock guide of roller-head is 3-D solid modeling to smoothen the extruded rubber sheet on both sides.
  • With compact structure, it is easy to install, maintain, and operate safely. It features high automation, high production efficiency, fine cooling effects, greater compaction ratio, stable film quality, environmental friendliness, etc.
  • The technology is the leading domestically and advanced globally.
  • The approved invention and practically new patents total 8 cumulatively.
  • It possesses the leading technologies in the industry including chilled cast iron roll of high abrasion resistance, single extrusion reducer, stock guide of new 3-D design, drawer-type security device, etc.

Main Technical Parameters

Screw Diameter(mm):602x250
Screw Speed(mm):2.2~22
Screw Drive Power(kW):90
Specification of Rolls(mm):400x80
Speed of Rolls(r/min):2.5~25
Roll Drive Power(kW):90
Specifications of Supporting Internal Mixer:
Screw Diameter(mm):743x330
Screw Speed(mm):2.65~26.5
Screw Drive Power(kW):132/160
Specification of Rolls(mm):450x1000
Speed of Rolls(r/min):3.2~32
Roll Drive Power(kW):132/160
Specifications of Supporting Internal Mixer:
Screw Diameter(mm):936x416
Screw Speed(mm):2.2~22
Screw Drive Power(kW):200/220/250
Specification of Rolls(mm):508x1070
Speed of Rolls(r/min):3.0~30
Roll Drive Power(kW):200/220/250
Specifications of Supporting Internal Mixer:
Screw Diameter(mm):1093x486
Screw Speed(mm):1.8~18
Screw Drive Power(kW):355
Specification of Rolls(mm):610x1400
Speed of Rolls(r/min):2.5~25
Roll Drive Power(kW):355
Specifications of Supporting Internal Mixer: